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Hailey, ID

What Does an Accident Injury Law Attorney Do?

Gariepy Law Offices offers legal support after an injury in Hailey, ID, from car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other vehicular accidents. All of the aforementioned fall under the heading of “accident injury law attorney”.

What Do We Do?

At Gariepy Law Offices, we take the steps that are necessary to help you reach your outcome goals after an injury on the road or on the job. We specialize in determining who is responsible for your injury and holding them accountable. Our attorneys can provide you with valuable advice about your workplace and auto injury case. Our experienced lawyers can help you to get justice and receive the compensation that you deserve. We will:
  1. Review your case and determine who the responsible party is
  2. Formulate a strategy that is built around your outcome goals
  3. Fight for your rights aggressively and ensure that you get the medical care that you deserve. 
  4. Work hard to get you the settlement that you deserve
  5. If we must, we will go to trial to make sure you get what you deserve from the case
We will treat your case as if it was our personal case. 

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If you have been injured, and are in need of a workers’ compensation attorney or auto accident to represent you, Gariepy Law Offices can help. Contact us today to get the support you need after an injury, no matter how it happened!
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